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Noise reduction in Raw imports

As part of my pre-Donington World Superbike prep, I decided to run some ISO tests to see what level of noise I would find acceptable as the weather could restrict the amount of light I can play with. This matters

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How fast is iPhone 4 HDR?

With the new HDR feature on the iPhone 4, a feature that came out of nowhere and surprised me, you can now take HDR photos on your iPhone and upload them to your usual services without any real effort. Rather

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New camera bag

As you may have read in my previous post, I enjoyed a wonderful weekend as a photojournalist. Doing so, I learned the limits of my kit, especially my cheap long lens. A second inadequacy was in my camera bag; iPads

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My weekend as a journalist

UPDATE: Picture of me on TV at the bottom of this post. There are some things that, when offered, you have to say yes to. You know them when you see them and you know them when you think “how

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HDR software for the Mac

Today, there are many different ways of producing HDR photographs on the Mac, the most common of which was described in my Beginners Guide to HDR, and this review covers four of the applications available to us. I will be

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