My Words And Stuff

I write for role-playing games and have worked for Games Workshop, Wizards of the Coast and Nightfall Games. I currently write on SLA Industries and Demon Dog for Nightfall Games and do the book design for most of our products including The Terminator RPG and Stokerverse. In motorsports, I write for MotoMatters as their World Superbike correspondent.

Threat Analysis: Collateral for SLA Industries 2nd Edition, © Nightfall Games, 2023

“You wouldn’t believe what I saw yesterday. There was a Manchine wandering through the market. It scared the shit out of everyone, but Baggie told everyone to keep calm and pretend we couldn’t see it. It looked like it was trying to pass for human, only it was obviously a bloody robot, stinking of decay and rust. It wore flyblown human flesh on its back that writhed with maggots and its metallic creaking was punctuated with the wet sound of white lumps of worms and insect eggs hitting the ground. It was hard not to throw up, but as soon as it arrived, it was gone, disappearing into a sewer as if it had never been here. The only evidence of its passing through was the clumps of rats that covered the pavement, feeding off the wriggling debris it left behind.”

Page 204, SLA Industries 2nd Edition.
Demon Dog by Dave Allsop and Jared Earle, © Nightfall Games 2023