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Photography: Professional hubris

In recent years, it’s safe to say everything has been on the up for amateur photographers like myself. Digital photography has removed the waiting and the chemicals from the workflow, meaning everyone who has a digital camera can see instantly

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BBC Munchy Box infringement

Update 2010-02-10: The BBC once again prove their decency. They have clarified that the images and text were sent in by a viewer and were taken on good faith, an unfortunately easy thing to do these days and they’ve decided

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Daily iPhone photos

For the last 136 days, I’ve posted an iPhone photo on the internet just about every day. Where I’ve missed the occasional day, I’ll post its photo the day after, but more often than not, I take a photo and

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Twitter pictures with Darkslide

This article will demonstrate one way of posting photos to Twitter from an iPhone that allows us much more control than the usual ways, with a robust and reliable back-end provided by Yahoo’s legendary infrastructure. The key to the whole

First day of frost

So, we went for a walk and I took a couple of pics.