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A weekend at work with an iPad

First appeared in issue 2 of Padder, 20th July, 2011. I have many roles, but one of them is a little more demanding of hardware than the others. For a handful of weekends a year, I turn my talents to

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iOS 5 battery life fix

Recently, Apple updated iOS to version 5. Of course, you know this because everyone on the planet heard about it for one reason or another. I’m one of the many people who updated and one of the first things I

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Panic’s Prompt – SSH on iOS redux

If you read my previous appraisal of Prompt, I said it was not ready yet. Well, Panic listened and it’s ready. Go look.

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Noise reduction in Raw imports

As part of my pre-Donington World Superbike prep, I decided to run some ISO tests to see what level of noise I would find acceptable as the weather could restrict the amount of light I can play with. This matters

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New camera bag

As you may have read in my previous post, I enjoyed a wonderful weekend as a photojournalist. Doing so, I learned the limits of my kit, especially my cheap long lens. A second inadequacy was in my camera bag; iPads

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