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The following pictures were taken with the same lens (f1.8, 50mm Canon) with a polarising filter at different angles. There’s not much more to say about this as the effect is immediately visible.

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I’ve given my opinion of all the riders on the World Superbikes provisional entry list over at Moto Race Reports so head over and tell me how wrong I am.

Marco Simoncelli died on track today. It’s no secret I was a fan, and I know I was not alone. The world will never see the like again.

Normally, this blog isn’t about me, but today, for once, it is. I recently painted a couple of pictures and uploaded them to ShitDragon. This is the better of the two.

UPDATE: Picture of me on TV at the bottom of this post. There are some things that, when offered, you have to say yes to. You know them when you see them and you know them when you think “how …

My weekend as a journalist Read More »

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