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Taking photos of the moon with an iPhone

One of the best methods of taking photos of stars, planets and satellites is with a webcam, like the old Toucam Pro, and processing with Registax. That’s not the easiest method though, and when you want photos of the moon,

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Effect of using a polarising filter

The following pictures were taken with the same lens (f1.8, 50mm Canon) with a polarising filter at different angles. There’s not much more to say about this as the effect is immediately visible.

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A weekend at work with an iPad

First appeared in issue 2 of Padder, 20th July, 2011. I have many roles, but one of them is a little more demanding of hardware than the others. For a handful of weekends a year, I turn my talents to

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Second prize in a beauty contest?

No, but I won second prize in a photography contest. Yes, it was an iPhone photography competition.

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Ego post

Normally, this blog isn’t about me, but today, for once, it is. I recently painted a couple of pictures and uploaded them to ShitDragon. This is the better of the two.