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Taking photos of the moon with an iPhone

One of the best methods of taking photos of stars, planets and satellites is with a webcam, like the old Toucam Pro, and processing with Registax. That’s not the easiest method though, and when you want photos of the moon,

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As I’ve been busy, I’ve been neglecting my vast audience (Hi, mum). So, here are a few punditry tweets you’ve missed. Tablets with keyboards are called Kebablets. — Jared Earle (@jearle) September 5, 2012 Some of Nokia‚Äôs biggest fans are

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iOS 5 battery life fix

Recently, Apple updated iOS to version 5. Of course, you know this because everyone on the planet heard about it for one reason or another. I’m one of the many people who updated and one of the first things I

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Second prize in a beauty contest?

No, but I won second prize in a photography contest. Yes, it was an iPhone photography competition.

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Panic’s Prompt – SSH on iOS redux

If you read my previous appraisal of Prompt, I said it was not ready yet. Well, Panic listened and it’s ready. Go look.

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