Who writes this stuff?

Jared Earle

Photo by William Duffy, 2008Jared frequently refers to himself in the third person when writing colophons. He’s an Englishman, born oop north in the 1960s, now living in Scotland with his other half and three cats. He’s worked in old-school role-playing games as both a writer and graphic designer for the exceedingly brilliant Nightfall Games, but he shifted to IT in the late 90s web boom after a five-year spell at Wizards of the Coast. In 2007 he returned to Scotland after 8 years in Paris.

Work? That would be as a Systems Administrator, doing both Windows and UNIX Admin for clients including BD Network, Realview and Nightfall Games. He’s available for freelance gigs, if you need someone that can manage and tune your web servers, optimise your LANs, hack your Gibsons and ‘shop pictures of kittens.

He’s done a few sites on t’interweb including a now-defunct twitter reminder, the no-longer-available URL shortener tw3.it, a Tweetie Image Service MyQuim and, with Stuart Dallas, a gallery system called Vignettes which can be seen in action here. Oh, and he runs the off-topic-by-design OSX-Nutters mailing list, hosted on the obscenely-named tit-wank.com and hosts a few sites on his cat5.org domain. His most recent website is the (unfortunately, now private) super-combined image service and URL shortener 23x.me, a companion to this very blog. His interests include, but are not limited to, riding his Ducati 748, watching motorcycle racing, wearing mechanical wristwatches and basically living up to the stereotype of a geek.

As can be gathered by the number of articles on photography on this blog, he quite likes taking photos. He has a Flickr account for regular photos, as can be seen in the photos on the right of this page, and another for his daily iPhone photos. In addition to this blog, he also writes for MonsterBook, along with fellow Nightfall founder Dave Allsop, and occasionally for the motorcycle racing blog MotoRaceReports where, alongside the writing, he’s also a staff photographer. As if this wasn’t enough, he is back writing for Nightfall Games whose stuff is available for sale online and he’s the WSBK pundit at MotoMatters, one of the most respected motorcycle racing websites.

Some of his work was described by the Conservative Party as “Vulgar” in no less than the Daily Mail and “Despicable” in the Telegraph.

Yes, he really does like Munchy Boxes and not in an ironic, post-modern way. No, he doesn’t think it’s particularly pretentious to refer to himself in the third person. And yes, he really does have a movie deal.

If you like that sort of thing, you can always follow him on Twitter. He doesn’t use the third person there.