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There are blogs on my RSS feed list that I agree with and there are those I don’t always agree with, but the factor that determines whether or not I delete them from my google reader is the voice of …

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Normally, this blog isn’t about me, but today, for once, it is. I recently painted a couple of pictures and uploaded them to ShitDragon. This is the better of the two.

On Monday, while I was sight-seeing in Oban, I was informed by a client that they couldn’t get to their mail. No problem, thought I, as my iPad was in my camera bag and iSSH was always ready to get …

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In July 2000, I started a blog. I used the less-than-a-year-old service called Blogger, three years before Google would buy it. They had a nifty FTP service which meant I could host the site on my own domain and servers, …

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Start a stupid top ten list. Put the good hints up front. Make the last item of the list a good one. Split the list before you get to the filler.