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Evil Apple track my every move by GPS

UPDATE 2011-04-27: Apple have released a press release about this. Ok, a correction to the headline: They don’t track me, they track my iPhone’s GPS. Sorry, another correction, they don’t use the GPS, they use GSM. Oh, again, mea culpa,

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How fast is iPhone 4 HDR?

With the new HDR feature on the iPhone 4, a feature that came out of nowhere and surprised me, you can now take HDR photos on your iPhone and upload them to your usual services without any real effort. Rather

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Android iPhone Linkbait Fight!

Ten reasons Android pisses on the iPhone’s strawberries! Seven reasons the Nexus One will defeat the iPhone 3GS! Why to buy one phone over the other! Seriously, give it a rest. Linkbait articles are going up all over the place

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Apple pull Porn and WiFi snoopers from the App Store

I know this article is a little bit late to the party, but it took a while for this to sink in. Firstly, they pulled porn apps, like they always said they would, and then, without warning, they pulled apps

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Daily iPhone photos

For the last 136 days, I’ve posted an iPhone photo on the internet just about every day. Where I’ve missed the occasional day, I’ll post its photo the day after, but more often than not, I take a photo and

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