Android iPhone Linkbait Fight!

Ten reasons Android pisses on the iPhone’s strawberries! Seven reasons the Nexus One will defeat the iPhone 3GS! Why to buy one phone over the other! Seriously, give it a rest. Linkbait articles are going up all over the place with imaginary battles taking place all over the place, begging for your eyeballs and attention, and they all have one thing in common: They’re bollocks.

An iPhone 3GS serving as linkbait

The writers posting their zero sum, last man standing, highlander dirges about why you want one piece of hardware over another, and what makes you less worthy of passing your genes on if you own one over the other, are all fulfilling a need. They need to get bums on seats; pageviews for their advertising masters.

They give reasons like how Apple is evil, or how Google is evil, missing the point completely. They also avoid the shortcomings of the product they’re siding with in a way that can only be described as religious. Yes, the Apple Store is locked but to mention that without mentioning the fractured nature of the Android Store is like hoping no-one will notice that Lot’s daughters got their father drunk and had sex with him, or that you can’t fit everything in a boat that small.

I’m going to make it easy for you and let you in on the reasons to choose one platform over another. There are only two reasons to choose one phone over the other: personal choice and no choice, i.e. cost or lock-in.

You’re not going to convince me that either choice is the right choice for everyone or that one has to lose for the other to win. Let them keep fighting, because while they’re locked in battle the only winner is us, the consumer.

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  • Chris

    I want to marry your good sense and have sex with it.

  • No Jared you are wrong. Completely. Utterly. Totally. Wrong.

    You are the one talking twaddle. Your link bait should let the swearing happen in the comments – then we can get on to the Nazi later. You have to at least TRY and sound reasonable. And you failed to number your points too.

    You know no linkbait like this will work without a whole pile of meaningless rants in the comments. So far you’ve only got one in an hour! Try harder! I mean comments are where inflamatory posts go balistic. The electronic version of the my C64 is better than your Spectrum arguments from the playground. And whats with Auntie Beeb trying to make out it was the Spectrum versus the BBC micro and that somehow they won too?

    Good got the obligatory wander off topic in there.

    I’m upset. I’m offended. I’m off to BBC’s vent my spleen to leave some random nasty remarks there too.

  • Bigiain

    10 reasons why Jared is _wrong_ about phones and mobile Internet devices:

    1) they’ve got nothing to do with motorcycle racing.
    2) except for texting your mates to fund out if they’re at turn 9 or turn 12. Or the bar.
    3) – 10) whatever…



  • RT @jearle: Android iPhone Linkbait Fight! (in case you missed it yesterday)

  • RT @jearle: Android iPhone Linkbait Fight! (in case you missed it yesterday)

  • And I forgot to include a 🙂

  • american

    What is your response to the endless debacle of “You could waste thousands of dollars just to get your iPhone app denies” and the whole 3.3.1 crap, etc.

    • My reply is to wait until Apple has clarified the situation. However, I remember when Apple was tied into Codewarrior’s slow upgrade cycle for the release of a new OS and can understand how they’re not willing to wait for Adobe to upgrade Flash before releasing the next iPhone OS.

      If a Flash application crashes on OS4, who will the customer’s blame? The Developer? Not his fault. Apple? Not their fault.

      I don’t have to like it, but I understand it.

  • Brian Ansorge

    I’ve seen the light; there is *no* spork.

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