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As I’ve been busy, I’ve been neglecting my vast audience (Hi, mum). So, here are a few punditry tweets you’ve missed. Tablets with keyboards are called Kebablets. — Jared Earle (@jearle) September 5, 2012 Some of Nokia‚Äôs biggest fans are

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Evil Apple’s evil EULA is evil

Apple’s current shitstorm, and I can’t think of a better word, centres around their highly restrictive EULA for iBooks Author. Rather than rehash what everyone else has said, I’ll link to Nameless Horror’s post and move on to my central

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Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

I really don’t have anything to say about Steve Jobs, having never met him. Yes, I saw a Stevenote in Paris a decade or so ago, but that doesn’t qualify me to eulogise that much. Of course he changed all

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Evil Apple track my every move by GPS

UPDATE 2011-04-27: Apple have released a press release about this. Ok, a correction to the headline: They don’t track me, they track my iPhone’s GPS. Sorry, another correction, they don’t use the GPS, they use GSM. Oh, again, mea culpa,

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Apple pull Porn and WiFi snoopers from the App Store

I know this article is a little bit late to the party, but it took a while for this to sink in. Firstly, they pulled porn apps, like they always said they would, and then, without warning, they pulled apps

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