Steve Jobs: 1955-2011

I really don’t have anything to say about Steve Jobs, having never met him. Yes, I saw a Stevenote in Paris a decade or so ago, but that doesn’t qualify me to eulogise that much. Of course he changed all our lives for the better and the world is worse off without him, but anyone can say that. What I can say, though, Is that I heard about his passing on my iPad and, as the power here is out due to a lightning strike, I’m using the same iPad to write this note. We are all better off because Steve Jobs didn’t like to compromise and we should remember that.

Looking at all the tributes he’s getting, how many of us can claim we will leave even close to the mark he left on the world. Today should be the day we stop compromising and start leaving our own marks. We may fail, but what if, just once, we don’t?

Thanks, Steve. If anyone is keeping score, you won.

Jared Earle is a writer, photographer and systems administrator. You can find him on Twitter most of the time.

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