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Linux remote incremental backup

Backup is something that we should all be doing all the time. Sometimes it’s simple, other times it’s not. I’m going to deal with one of those times it seems a lot harder than it is: a remote incremental backup.

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First impression of Panic’s “Prompt” – an SSH client for iOS

Update: See Panic’s response at the end of this review. Prompt just came out and the likes of Johns Siracusa and Gruber are predictably raving over it so I bought it. Panic are the makers of the likes of Transmit

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SSH on the iPhone at last

Firstly, rather than make this a review of the ssh clients available out there, I’ve decided to stick with the client I bought: iSSH. Reasons for buying this one over the others? It does well in comparisons/reviews and it’s available

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New domain – what to do?

I just picked up the domain immobile.me for fun. The problem is, I don’t know what to do with it. Do you have any good ideas? If so, please plop a comment below. Oh, and if you can think of

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