New domain – what to do?

I just picked up the domain for fun. The problem is, I don’t know what to do with it. Do you have any good ideas? If so, please plop a comment below. Oh, and if you can think of anything to do with while you’re at it, I’d appreciate it.

immobile image

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  • Stating the obvious: Do nothing with it !!!
    Leave it immobile !


  • kenriise

    (half-finished joke)

    sounds like it could be a sister site to

  • sminky

    Blatantly ignoring the definition provided, could you read it as “IM Mobile Me” – as in a mobile instant messaging thing?

    Or what about a slightly northern(?) sounding “I’m Mobile, Me!” where disabled/”disabled” people brag about mods they’ve made to their shopmobility scooters

    How about pictures of you standing still? I _think_ that’s ironic…

  • Lewis

    I still say a BDSM site…. ow mobileme bitchathon wiki

  • spoopryme

    yet another site full of not-so-cleverly captioned cats doing silly things??

  • Matt Green

    Could you create a site whereby you enter your mobile phone number and are presented with a real time countdown of how long it will be until bastard mobile phone companies start ringing you in the middle of dinner asking if you’ve thought of their racy new contract deals, since your current one is close to expiring?

  • RD

    Well sounds like I’m

    So one or two things are available such as a social networking site for cripples that can walk again! Or a site around about your mobile phone. 🙂


  • finleigh

    Photos of people and things glued and/or taped securely to other people and things.


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