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Adverts on this site?

Yes, you may have noticed, I’ve put some adverts on I’m not evil, but I have decided to give Amazon and Google a test. I’ll reduce the adverts to just one after I’ve seen which one suits this site

How to get US Netflix in the UK

Recently, Netflix arrived in the UK and settled in as the choice for streaming, with a free month’s trial and incredible streaming quality even with unreliable bandwidth, like I have here in rural Scotland. However, one thing was clear and

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Growl’s nagging problem

If you’re a user of the excellent Growl on Mac OS X, you probably got fed up with the update nagging and paid for it, removed it or tolerated it. Here’s how to remove the nagging, though.

Evil Apple’s evil EULA is evil

Apple’s current shitstorm, and I can’t think of a better word, centres around their highly restrictive EULA for iBooks Author. Rather than rehash what everyone else has said, I’ll link to Nameless Horror’s post and move on to my central

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Dungeons and Dragons, Henry’s horse and Wendy’s fruit

5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons has decided to borrow another idea from the software community. After the debatable success of using open-source principles. Wizards of the Coast has decided to turn to the community for suggestions: it’s crowd-sourcing. This is