Using a Plate Stand with your iPad

Yes, I know, another bloody iPad post. Sorry, but it’s here, it’s magical, etc. and I have to get it out of my system. So, I’ve seen people using a few different things to prop up their iPads for hands-free iPaddage, but the best I’ve found is a £2.50 plate stand from the local arts and crafts store.

Plate Stand! iPad! Win!

It looks like this without the expensive bit on it.

I'm trying to think of an interesting caption, but it's a plate stand.

And when you buy it, it looks like this.

Again … plate stand.

You can buy them from … no, really, that’s what they’re called. I know. Down at the bottom of that page, see the Large size? Buy them in bulk; sell them to your friends, you cheapskate.

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