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LoveFilm: Trial, yes. Free, no.

UPDATE: Yeah, they refunded me as a “gesture of goodwill”. Dear Lovefilm, I wanted to love you, I really did. However, with my crappy rural Scottish ADSL connection, I could never get my PS3 to stream movies without breaking up

How to cheat at Pocket Frogs

This is a hard post to write because the iPhone game Pocket Frogs has provided me with hours upon hours of entertainment and I didn’t figure out how to cheat until I had almost completed the game. Am I ruining

Your Mac Life iPad appeal

Update: 3rd April, 2010. He’s in the queue hoping to get one. We’ve done as much as we can. Update 2: 3rd April, 2010. He got one.

Stuff what I done

Twitter, it seems has everything. So much so that when I wrote my URL shortener,, no-one even noticed because there were already enough out there that another didn’t even show up as a blip on the radar. Still, being

Rude Vegetables

This is the back cover of the 2009 Marshall’s Kitchen Garden Catalogue. It’s not just me, right?