How to cheat at Pocket Frogs

This is a hard post to write because the iPhone game Pocket Frogs has provided me with hours upon hours of entertainment and I didn’t figure out how to cheat until I had almost completed the game. Am I ruining your enjoyment of the game by telling you how to get around the imposed limitations? Am I denying NimbleBit an income selling potions and stamps over iTunes? Then, after some deliberation, I realised that the trick I use to hothouse my Frogs can be fixed if my methodology is exposed and that spurred me on to write this very post you’re reading.

Wind the frog!

Pocket Frogs relies on two pipelines to slow down your frog breeding to a manageable point: The Nursery and The Mailbox. Both of these are bottlenecked by having a maximum number of slots and requiring a specific period of time for an asset to pass through them, with more valuable assets requiring a longer amount of time. Whatever you do is limited by the time it takes for frogs to grow up or for packages to be delivered and NimbleBit will sell you, for real cash, ways to get around these two restrictions.

What they don’t tell you is that they use the iPhone’s clock to track the passage of time. Oops.

Insert witty Back to the Future quote here

If you go into the iPhone settings and turn off “Set Automatically” for the date and time, you can wind time back and forth, making Endangered and Legendary frogs grow up in minutes, ready to be tamed. You can save a frog to your catalogue, go back in time, buy it, zoom forward, take delivery, breed it and sell it before it’s even born. You can buy Happiness trinkets, receive them instantly and install them.

Does it make the game less fun? No, not really. Does it make it less long-lived? I don’t think so. Can NimbleBits fix this by having the game periodically check a server for the real time? Probably.

I feel a little bad posting this post, but not so bad that I don’t post it. Use the comments below to tell me how evil I am, or to berate me for what you’ve been keeping a secret for weeks. Whatever, a comment would be nice.

Update: A NimbleBits developer tweeted that this may lead to corruption of the save data. I’ve not seen evidence of this myself.

@NimbleDave tweeteth

Jared Earle is a writer, photographer and systems administrator. You can find him on Twitter most of the time.

  • PocketFrogs player

    Hi there. Thanks for the useful tips! I was looking for potions cheat actually, but since I got this page, heck those potions! Thanks!

    • FredFrog4

      I tried the rolling time forward and back… it did corrupt my game data. Now my frogs will mature but they still have a wait time for full maturity, even if they are grown normally! That means that I cannot complete any more Awards because the frogs have to be fully mature.

      Do not use this method of changing your internal clock to get frogs faster. It will corrupt your data.

      So Jared Earle, since you posted this to begin with, if you know how to fix the corrupted data without having to start ALL OVER, that would be helpful.

      • I would restore your iPhone from its last backup. This would be the corruption risk I warned of in the post, by the look of things. Sorry it happened to you, but at least the iPhone encourages you to do regular backups, so you should be able to restore it.

        • The Destroyer

          You put a corruption risk warning in there? I didn’t see any.

      • Lori

        Don’t use the time cheat for frogs you want to keep, but for making money and leveling up, it works beautifully. Breed some frogs, set the time forward, sell the frogs, and set the time back. As long as you don’t acquire any new frogs that you want to keep or get anything in your mailbox while the time is set forward, it won’t be a problem. (I learned this by doing the same thing you did — I now have one egg that will mature in 78 days! I think it’s kinda funny.)

        Jared Earle, thanks for the awesome tip!

      • funkykid

        Instead of waitung for the frogs to mature, you can let them eat dragonflies in the pond. Each dragonfly you eat can decrease maturity time by at least a minute.

        • The Destroyer

          Yeah. When I found that out, I was like “if I had known this a couple years ago, I wouldn’t have spent 40 bucks on potions.”

  • me

    Thanks for the article but what if your ipod touch time keeps reverting back to the correct date? Is there a fix?

    • olivia

      Turn off ” Set Automatically”

    • i had so much fun on pocket frogs and the first game i dowmloaded on nmy ipod was pocket frogs and the SOULD REALLLY MAKE POCKET FROG 2

      • The Destroyer

        If they did it would probably either be exactly the same or really, really suck.

    • smurfy4100

      yeah, turn off ‘set automatically’ in the options/settings

    • The Destroyer


  • Kali

    Do not do this if it will also effect all ur other apps like Facebook or any kind of texting apps, then if you don’t want it you go back and all of ur frogs will be babys and say will be born in 700 days. Don’t do this it fucked up my ipod

    • lol


  • sonam

    OMG !
    U R 2 COOL!

  • What is a cheat to get money

  • pepper

    OK- so… you can switch back and forth between two days to get the daily gift over and over again. just saying.
    thank you so much for this post!

  • PINKY!!

    Here’s a glitch for racing: if you win, choose the “take frog” option. Then touch two (or more if you can) frogs. It gives you whatever ones you touch. If you want to go farther than this to get more $$, fast foreward time. Put all the extra frogs in a habitat and sell them. Then switch the time back to normal. You will still have the cash, but nothing else is affected!!

    • Pocketfrogs

      cool thnx sooo much

    • Ninja

      Thank you sooo much! I’m trying to get 100% Anura and this has sped the process up so much!! πŸ˜€

  • Stormer

    I already new this from using it on Zombie Farm, but still thanks. ^_^

  • Wolf

    This cheat helped aloooot!!!

  • Jennifer

    You get some kind of rare frog and breed it with another rare frog until your nursery is full. Then go to options, go to general, choose date and time. Then make it 1 day ahead. Go to nursery and sell all your grown up frogs IN THE NURSERY.I get about $6000 depending on breed and how rare your frog is. Hope it helps. πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer

    Btw, DO NOT change the date back. Or all your frogs will turn to eggs, and you will have to wait a long period of time for them to hatch


  • Pauly

    I’ve just completed the Froggydex ;0) If you’re going to alter the time the best thing to do is go back in time (say a year) then keep forwarding by 2 days to hatch and gain money. This way you can gift your frogs without your recipient having to wait. Also if you keep completing the requests you get lots of stamps & potions. Happy frogging
    Id = paulywood

  • Hexxtorr

    theres another way to make it grow quick just go to the pond and eats flies

    • Catness

      Yeah but that can also take awhile and you have to wait for the frog to hatch first

  • Marissa101

    I am warning all people out there, do not use this excessively. At first, it worked fine for me, but after a day of using it, I changed the time back and all the frogs in my mailbox wont be delivered for over a year. If you don’t want this happening, don’t try this.

  • no ur not that evil everyone knows that cheat/glitch

  • baaa

    anyone know any cheats/glitches for getting more potions and stamps??

  • My friend’s game stuffed up, but I continue to do it and it’s never happened. Also another mistake is you can go backwards one day, get a daily gift, go forwards again, get another daily gift, go backwards another, get a daily gift… It’s seriously never ending!

  • kerry jago

    I have been doing this until my itouch started to get really hot so I have stopped doing it. It does help but if you are doing it to get the froggy dex all done it still takes forever.

  • Jazz

    I used this cheat on my iPad 2 and now my option to buy another habitat is gone?! ?! Any suggestions? =(

    • Ehlmann

      there is a limit to how many habitats you can buy.

    • manda

      you can only buy so many habitats. you prob have the max amount

    • goo

      yah. you have a limit to how many habitats you can buy depending on your level.

    • Catness

      there is a limit to how many habitats that you can buy, you may have just bought the limit, there is also a new update that allows you to buy more habitats, but there is still a limit…

  • Smash

    I am sad to hear that one would cheat at this game. The fact that it takes time to hatch eggs and time to receive frogs by mail has made it very exciting to receive them when they arrive and has helped this game stay fresh for many months for me. I’ve never purchsed potions, stamps, but have thousands from just finding them in the pond. Patience and pond time… why is that so hard for some?

    • Kenzie

      Everyone has the right to play the game as they wish. Some choose to cheat, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Sophiez

      I completely agree… People shouldn’t cheat on this game. However, if people choose to do so, it’s their choice…

  • Anonymous

    i use this cheat and i am sugar6363 on plus feel free to add me, and i use the race cheat and this they both work and they r brilliant, also at the min me and my friend r trying to complete the froggydex, and its kinda hard but we r very short on royal or pink frogs so if anyone got any plz send them to me and i will send to my friend as well.



  • Pseudomom

    That was so surreal! Hey I think it’s a bunch a crap when games want to charge real money for virtual items. If you data corrupts reinstall n start again. It’s just a do-nothing and more portable than my wheel-o!

  • Aaarrrrrrrggghhh

    Yes- good cheat but problem when you set the date back again… It stuffs up and a level four frog I had took 6 days to come – or let me use 37 stamps…. Good cheat anyway!

    • Lucas

      Frogs obtained at a time > current date will become eggs when you switch back to current date. The trick is to add them in the catalog before going back to current date. Then go back to a past date, sell the egg since it’s useless, buy the frog from catalog then forward to current date again, there you go

  • Fuzz

    I LOVE YOU!!!

    • Lol?

  • someone

    how do you do all this on an ipod touch 4th generation?????????

    • Chelsea

      U do it the same way in a ipod touch 4th Generation

  • Jp

    If you see an offer for a frog click yes to download the game but enter the wrong password or just not hit download and then get back on pocket frogs and look at you mailbox and frog from the offer will be there! I always do this so I get awesome frogs without wasting my data plan!

  • nvlandbutcher

    Also, when breeding frogs to add to the Froggydex, you get “credit” for the frog species as soon as the egg is placed in the Nursery; you don’t have to wait until it hatches. So breed them and sell off the eggs so you can breed eight more quickly.

  • Liammac

    Uhm yeah i tried that today, i have a legendary frog and i set the time forward to get it, trained it then switched the time back and it said that my legendary frog took 1d 21 hr to load and my level 4 frogs took 14 d to load. O.o

  • Greenstorm33

    I found this out when my iPod decided to set itself back to some time around the year 1970. I went into pocket frogs and discovered that all my frogs were in eggs that would hatch in ~15,000 days πŸ˜›

  • harlebell

    i just got my pocket frogs, used to have another one but now my sis has it, so im starting all over from the bottom, if anyone could please help me, and ill help you to if i can, please friend me and send some frogs!!!!! please n thanks
    ps nice cheat
    id- harlebell

  • Emmaaaaaa

    If your frogs turn to eggs you can fix it by updating your iPod/iPhone or connect it to the internet well that worked for me. Maybe set it back to the correct time and then connect it to the internet.. I have an iPod Touch 4th gen. Sorry if it dosen’t work πŸ™‚
    Happy Pocket Frogging!

  • Dan Billbob

    thanks for the cheat something messed up so I got to of this one really awsome frog

  • sher

    thx for the hints .. feel free to add me …sherml on plus

  • Unknown

    Does this work on iPad?

  • Irene

    I tried this and it worked really well about the first 5 times then it stuffed everything up! I moved up a level but it didn’t unlock the next level frogs then all my frogs became eggs and wouldn’t hatch for 90 odd days, same with anything I had in my mailbox, hate to think what it’s done to my other apps! I wouldn’t recommend doing this to anyone!

  • Don’t do this too often!

    That would work, however you’re risking a chance of corrupting the game data. Those of you who also play the smurf village game(just an example) on the iPhone probably know that the cheat on it is the same as this and many other games– change your time and all of a sudden you have your bridges built and crops grown, and you can level up in a matter of minutes.
    However, this trick has completely failed me when I changed the time so often that my game got confused and refused to recognize my device time as the correct time! So don’t risk changing the time too much, only for really necessary things.

  • KLS

    haha i’ve played Zombie Farm for ages, and knew that this could be done. it’s a handy skill for all time based iPod/iPhone games =D

  • Maddie

    Once you turn time ahead to sell the frogs you just breeded, you need to turn the time BACK to normal, and THEN breed again, turn the time ahead, sell the frogs, turn BACK…. By doing this, you prevent the issue of having things in the mailbox add more days onto delivery time. That way no time is actually altered in the mailbox. πŸ˜€

  • Shay

    All you have to do for more potions/stamps is work out what day has what daily gift. Go through say, every day (1-31) of July 2011. You’ll realise that you always get the same gift everyday if you go back and forth. For me, 7th July 2011 is stamps and 17th and 30th July 2011 are potions, so I keep switching the days between those three. Hope this helps!

  • thom maholic

    you know you are one person that actually gives something i could use to the billions of other searches i did and led to be scams or nothing of value plus for those who use potions or stuff that are in games that can only be used to buy stuff or make stuff easier or more decrative or cool if you do not even use one bit of it or pay much attention to it that way you dont rely on it or make it to were you are just trying to make time go faster that way after a realy long time you could use it instead of wasting money on it and doing anything to just be able to get more that way you will have plenty some dont have those problems but i always keep trying to get more coins, gold, dollars, ect., ect., ect.

  • Hanna

    Awesome! Thanks for the cheats! i now have a lot of cool frogs

  • tman

    i need some lvl 10 frogs!!! add me plus+: ihhggg
    p.s. good info but youtube beat you to it lol XD

  • tman

    this is great advice and easier to figuare out than the youtube vids.

  • I’m pretty glad I found this website, this is a pretty good tip too.
    BUT, I was originally wondering how I send a frog to a frog request..
    I have the frog, that the request specifically asks for, but, I don’t see how to send it to the request.
    BECAUSE, the “send” button isn’t lit up/click-able.
    How the heck do I send it if the send button isn’t working?


    • jjbucky

      Check your mailbox, if it’s full not only can you recieve anything else, but you can’t send anything either.

    • Xiandra

      You have to make sure it’s mature as well, have you checked?

  • Megan

    Yes my bro told me about pocket frogs so I downloaded it, as soon as I realized the frogs took time to grow ect. I changed the time on my iPhone right away lol We use to have tamagotchi pets and that’s how we used to ages them quickly haha good on you for doin this, if other people don’t figure it out by themselves, they probably wouldn’t think to look for cheats for it on the net lol!!! Cheers btw I’ve had no probs at all with changing the time all the time other than they turn back into eggs if you go back in time too far which I thought was hilarious;P

  • Fun


  • Pocket cat

    I feel like such a nerd looking up cheats, but this was great <3

  • mikayla

    I dont get how you cheat?? can you just dum it down for me??

  • feefee

    I’m sure that most people that have found this blog were looking for something like it in the first place.

  • causa-mortis

    Hey can anyone help me? My PocketFrogs doesn’t inform me when there’s a new offer – you know, the ones where if you download the app they give you a rare frog.

    I think it has something to do with my account settings. But I have no idea how to change the account settings. There’s no option. There also is no option to see available offers. As in, there isn’t a page for it.

    I feel like I’m missing out on a lot and I’m kinda pissed that I can’t find a way around this.

    • kool

    • The Destroyer

      There are special offers? I never knew. What device are you using?

  • i play pocket frogs and i love it

  • i love the game it is my favorite game on the ipad. i like the frogs i play it day and night.every day i play it i played it to day.

  • heres a trick: set the time very far back, lets say 1980. then everytime u wanna skip time, just skip by two days a time and keep doing it until u dont need it anymore and then set it to the correct date by going forward 31 years. but dont go back in time again or ull mess up ur gamw

  • Dude I love u for posting dis

  • Allison

    Haha! You can give yourself a Christmas present!

    Set the date for Christmas, Breed a frog, then return to the current time. The egg will be set to hatch on Christmas.

  • Froggie

    First off, I’ve been afraid to post this for fear of the creators making a patch for it…

    Secondly, for all of you having trouble with this glitch here are some tips…
    1. Turn on Flight Mode! This disables all incomming and outgoing data. Why? So your messages and facebook, whatever, won’t have issues with time travel…
    2. Then put your time to a date in the past that’s easy to change. I use January 1st. Don’t even mess with the time scroller, it will be all mucked up anyway. I use January 1st because its way in the past so theres no chance of ending up with unhatchable frogs, I can scroll all the way to the end of the month without having to change the month scroller. But typically i just move between the 1st and the third.
    3. If you have frogs that you cant hatch because of misuse of the time cheat, go forward in time until you can breed them. Open the breed window, double click your home key, change your date to jan first, double click and go back tot he game, breed the frogs, double click change time to jan 3rd. save the BABIES of the frog you were earlier unable to hatch and sell the eggs. now the babies are full grown and breedable when you set your time back to normal.
    4. Note regarding date changes. when you change the date, just scroll to the acceptable date and double click home to get back to the game. you dont have to accept the new iphone time for the game to recognize it. just scroll and double click.
    5. ALWAYS reset your time to automatic before turning off flight mode. Ive had my messages get really mucked lol…

  • chacha

    add me my accout is cris3673 and my other one cris367

  • jason

    can someone please send me a rare, endangered, or legendary frog. a glass frog would work too. i need some help with pocket frogs. my plus account name is fungusfunk. thanks.

  • jason

    i dont really understand how to get all the cool frogs. can someone please explain it to me?

  • gkmak16

    Hey! I have a deal! If you send me a yin or yang froggie, I will send you a glass frog! I have 2 so it’s no biggie! They have light blue cheeks! gkmak16 is my name

  • abul71

    My pocket frogs saved data was corrupted. When i turned back time after i had finished i had to give 1134 STAMPS for 1 frog!!!!

  • abul71

    Can you please send me a frog , a high level one please, my user name is abul71 and i will send you my best frog.

    • I’m sending you a frog, my gamername is Silver44444

  • Halodude

    Thanks this helped alot

  • Syd

    if you don’t feel like racing frogs to get a glass one, i found out you can breed a black carota gyrus and a lime callaina biplex. there are few other combonations but this is one of them. remember, it doesn’t just depend on the color, it also depends on the breed.

  • Jordy

    Can anyone send me just one or two legendarysbthatsvall I need cuz I’m like level 2 thx!! My name is artichotdog2

  • anyways, if you do that you could glitch your game because i glitched mine. i didn’t buy a babyproof kit but i have a bunch of frog eggs everywhere, not just in my nursury.

    P.S. my gamername is Silver44444

    • PocketFrog

      “anyways, if you do that you could glitch your game because i glitched mine. i didn’t buy a babyproof kit but i have a bunch of frog eggs everywhere, not just in my nursury.”


      I have previously posted, “I go forward in time to quickly grow and quickly receive things from the Mailbox in PocketFrogs but then when I go back to the real date, and then play PocketFrogs, most of my frogs have become eggs again!

      What’s happening?”

      I think I am having the same problem as you.

      Just letting you know your not the only one.

  • can anybody send me a signum species or an ornatus species? if you so i’ll give you a glass chromo, my gamername is Silver44444

  • PocketFrog

    I go forward in time to quickly grow and quickly receive things from the Mailbox in PocketFrogs but then when I go back to the real date, and then play PocketFrogs, most of my frogs have become eggs again!

    What’s happening?

  • Kittycat

    The only bug I have seen so far, shifting the Time on my IPod, is getting a second frog when I purchase one just before midnight. But it doesn’t do it every time ( bummer!). Thanks for sharing your tip!

  • smartypants

    if anyone has a sol, I need one – I have trying for days to get one in the pond, but they are eluding me! kccrawf. thank you! (any endangered or custom would be appreciated! have a great day!)

  • Daddyliscious

    If anybody out there has a Bulbus frog, I need one for this week’s set. I have plenty of the other “newer” frogs and species that I can send back to you. Gamer name “Daddyliscious”.

  • Joy

    I have an Ipod and I did this time changing thing and it has messed up everything how can I fix it , I love my frog game and it tells me that my frogs will not come for 90 days what to do

  • hi i know a site ……..

    i know this site that might have had or has a pocket frogs game someone made probably not though and if it doesent i will inform you who read this

  • hi i know a site ……..

    no they dont but if you like warrior cats play this game (have to download(in sand box under games search))

  • hi i know a site ……..

    its called untold tales

  • Jess

    that was an awesome tip, thanks. one question though…. is there a way to get more breeds quickly? thanks!!

  • nikoru

    When I use the time traveling cheat, whenever I set it back to the actual date the game will not load for me. Any ideas on what to do?

  • Zara

    Another thing you can do is to change the time forward, move all your newly grown frogs into other habitats, and then change the time back. They’ll turn back into eggs, yes. But, they’ll stay in whatever habitat you put thm ino when they were gown. It solves the “only ight fogs at a time” problem

  • Isaiah

    You are not evil!

  • Alicia

    um iv been doing the “change time” cheat thingy and after awhile i cant download any apps at all…i wanna revert it to its original status but i dont wanan give up my lvl 19ness πŸ™ cus it took me forever to get these dam frogs x.x….but iv noticed i havnt found any lvl 20+ frogs? is there a way to get them?

  • SpartanLazer0

    I have a glass chroma veru for the tenth comment! (will not send it to you if the same person leaves several comments) post your plus gamer name in ur comment!

  • ..

    i have 1 egg that will mature in 1 year

  • I love cheat blogs your not evil I already knew what you told me though

  • ksewell

    To everyone who is having their frogs revert back to eggs after doing time travel and going back to current time, all you have to do is change time to hatch eggs, get new gifts, get new frogs etc, before you go back to original date be sure to catalog your frogs!! once you do this you can buy them back and go on with the games. Also frogs that are catalog can also be cloned in the frogdex. I have to clear my catalog to make room for new breeds because I time travel alot I dont have the patients to wait hr, days or months for a frog. What I do is breed frogs, speed up time, race with them, feed them, and catalog them and sell them. every new frog I get I catalog them so that if I have to create a new breed and I already cleared my catalog I can clone them from my frogdex. very simple. I do this so I can complete the request in the game. jope this helped.

  • withthedust

    If someone would give me a glass frog, I would be so grateful! My ID is withthedust

  • CrazyzAngelz

    Thanks for the help I’ve had this app for a month and I’m still on level 10 so this helped a lot.

  • Thats cool try to post more cheats please onan email.

  • Shannon

    omg i love all the sick cheats!!! I <3 POCKET FROGS!!!!!! add me shannon443.:D

  • Awesome game tip. Dont feel bad about posting this because lots of people post game cheats every day.

  • darrell

    It will confuse your Droid x2. Not allowing full use of texting and phone calls

  • Cool but I have a slight prob it didn’t work!

  • i did the cheat were u get 255 frogs in ur mailbox but some were blank and i dont know what to do HELP ME.

  • Jerod

    I just need a money cheat. I don’t know where to find it. Plz help

  • Tanya

    If you go back to the current date you don’t lose any coins or exp points, any frog you bred in the “future” is available to clone from the Froggydex. Breed, mature and sell your two highest level frogs to save money (don’t forget to collect your daily gift every time you change the date) then go back to the correct date and order the frogs you need. If you forgot a frog and now have an egg that matures in 407 days, go forward that far! I have noticed that the game tends to crash after doing this for long periods but that leads to another helpful glitch. If you place a frog from your mailbox shortly before it crashes you will get another identical frog.

  • SpeedXaaa

    I’m sure that executive is just saying this in order to scare people from performing the trick. >:3

  • kayla

    Cool I did the time and I kept on getting daily bonuses LOL

  • Erm0522

    This I knew but I told my friend thanks

  • person1234

    if you back in time and all your frogs turn into eggs just go forward to the real time and another thing if you win a race and take frogs click as many as you can at one then just foward back to real time so you will have all your new frogs in the mail and wont have to wait and if you are waiting for backgrounds or secenery just go forwatd 2 days and place but DONT do it with frogs they will be eggs

  • This is very very helPful

  • A Ghett0 Panda

    I’m level 37 thanks to this cheat!!! I figured it out on my own though.

  • Wendy

    I also tried this and it worked fine for a while
    Then it started messsing with my other apps, until eventually I wasnt able to download any apps and some werent opening. Just an fyi. It took me days to get it working properly again. It was an awesome cheat while it lasted tho. πŸ™‚

  • Glee

    Hi all.. I have discovered a glitch that is not on this page and I don’t think anyone has posted as of yet. For those awards that require more than one frog of the same breed (same primary and secondary colors, and same pattern; e.g. I Choose You, Muddy Buddies, Diamondbacks, 2 bee or not 2 bee, Cattle Drive, etc.): You DO NOT have to breed every single frog that these awards state they require.

    Instead, breed one frog of each variety you need. Then, simply exit the habitat that the frog is in, then tap on that habitat again to visit it, then exit out again, then visit it again, for as many times as the frog is required for the award to be completed.

    For example, when completing the “Ladybugs” award, breed ONE and only one Red Picea Puncti and make sure it is mature, then go to the habitat it is in, exit out, go back to the habitat, exit out, etc. 8 times. You should get the award notification on the 8th time you visit the habitat.

    The same goes for awards that require two different breeds. For the “Safari” award, breed ONE Beige Bruna Africanus and ONE White Picea Zebrae, mature them, put them in the same habitat, then leave the habitat and go back to visit it 4 times in a row.

    Note, though that you have to visit the same habitat (with the award frog[s] in it) in succession.

    Happy frogging!
    I play on an HTC Desire Android OS.

  • someone

    can someone send me a legendary frog plz? i almost have all of froggydex so i can send which ever you need. my user is fumblerbee03

  • Guys, i’ve read each of the postings here, all are valid and really cool. i’m sending frogs to several of you and in return, please, the last frog I need is a Bulbus, would someone mind gifting me one? As you ALL know, this is BY FAR, the greatest game!!! Thanks guys. Miki

  • Pondr

    I figured out a fix for some of the problems. Instead of going back in time before you breed, you should go back in time while in the breed menu after you chose a frog to breed with and before you actually breed them. Then go to settings change the time backwards. Then double tap the home button to go back to the app and breed them. Then go back to settings and change back to real time and voilΓ  you have mature frogs in real time. Also, I just change the year or month back. No need to mess with days unless you want to get different daily gifts. But I do that separate so not to waste time during breeding. Same thing goes for gifts or for anything going to the mail box. If you change back time BEFORE YOU PRESS ACCEPT and double tap the home button to get back to the game press accept, when you reset the time back to normal they will be ready to place.
    Always set time automatically after you finish playing the game and before going into any other apps. Also I have found this method turns off my imessaging so just turn it back on in settings after you change the time back.

  • Tacos are really good

  • When you change the time back to normal every thing gpes back to normal……….that really sucks

  • Allison

    Well I did the Chet where you make sure your mailbox is empty except for I e frog then place the frog in the nursery taping both fingers on the screen at the same time and it worked I got 2 of that frog and 255 items in my mailbox and I got this cool missing frog but it says it is for a newer version of pocket frogs even though I have the newest version why won’t it let me put it in my habitat please help!!!! It is so cool I want it so bad

  • Amber

    Anyone know a glitch to get 1st in racing????

    • The Destroyer


  • Susan

    Yes it does mess up game I will forever be in level seven now … My score doesn’t change !!

  • Susan

    Also when taming if u don’t finish it won’t
    Save what flies you have consumed.

  • The Destroyer

    Alright. If you insist. YOURE SO EVIL! But not nearly as evil as me! BLAH HA HA HA HA! I’m so evil.

  • Sophie

    I figured that out the first time I played, reading this was a waste of my time, horrible cheat

  • Linda C

    My daughter’s Pocket Frogs somehow glitched so that she must wait 3 Years for her frogs to hatch. It happened when her battery died, no fault of hers. It is exciting to have found a solution other than reinstalling the game. I am a Pocket Frog lover and was disappointed for her when she told me what happened. Thank you for your post. In this case it is a Solution, not really a cheat at all!

  • Peanut brittle

    I have been doing this glitch for a VERY long time, and not a single thing has changed. (other than when I change back the time my frogs are eggs).

  • Sam

    I do it with fish live too. I love pocket frogs more now.