My boring predictions for 2010

It seems this time of year, everyone posts their predictions on what will happen in the world of technology during the next year. As I’m quite fond of technology, I thought that I should finally nail my colours to this blog’s masthead and swing out on a limb for the benefit of both my readers. I’ll also cover a few non-technology points, for fun, so strap in and prepare for the most boring predictions you’ll read this year, or what’s left of it.

More of the same, only faster.

Every year, since 1998, I’ve made this very same prediction in one form or another. It’s not a risky proposal, I’ll be honest, but I’ve never been wrong.

Moore's Law, courtesy of Wikipedia

And yes, if not faster it’ll be smaller and/or cheaper. Or maybe all three.

No important tech company is going to die at the hands of its rivals.

Google won’t kill Microsoft, Apple won’t kill Nokia, the Droid won’t kill the iPhone. Even in this economy, the big boys aren’t even close to death. However, this won’t stop the blogosphere harping on about it, over and over again.

Tech writers will still be playing it loose and fast over a zero-sum game.

Most bloggers won’t learn and they’ll continue to take sides and pretend to be journalists while taking on none of the responsibilities journalists have. Some may even shill for large corporations, not that I’m saying who, of course, or that it’s even happening now. It is, though, although TechCrunch will deny it – not that I’m naming names, of course.

Apple will release something; the technology reporters will say it’ll fail.

It won’t.

Enderle will be a dick.

Ok, no brainer here.

Still no flying car.

I’m not going to predict that there won’t be an Apple Tablet, but there won’t be a flying car, there won’t be a new renewable fuel made available to the masses and electric motorbikes won’t take over the streets just yet. There also won’t be a new, unexpected technology explosion, no matter how much I want there to be.

A celebrity will die. It will make some people sad.

I’m not foolish enough to predict who, but I’m hoping for Margaret Thatcher. Yeah, you can hate me in the comments, if you want.

I will be wrong in one of my predictions.

I’m hoping it’ll be this one.

Jared Earle is a writer, photographer and systems administrator. You can find him on Twitter most of the time.