Terminal on OSX Lion and Nano

I use Nano as my editor of choice, having decided to be Switzerland in the vi/emacs wars. However, when I upgraded to OSX Lion recently, I found the cursor jumped all over the place when editing text. This is obviously suboptimal. Luckily, it’s easy to fix. Change xterm-256color to xterm-color in the settings.

Change this to xterm-color and it's fixed.

Change this to xterm-color and it's fixed.

You may need to do this for every style of window using xterm-256color just to make sure, but that should be it.

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  • You don’t use iTerm2?

  • I haven’t used Terminal since switching to iTerm2 a while back. Give it a whirl, I think you’ll like it.

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  • Phil

    This had been driving me mad, I’d found myself counting keystrokes to try to overcome it – thanks for posting the fix.

  • Aaron K.

    THANK YOU for posting this. I had been looking all over for a solution. Great job!

  • Awesome, I had noticed this too, but ignored it by doing all editing in Midnight Commander

  • Phillip

    Amen, i thought i was going crazy. Thank goodness for 1) Google for find this post and 2) You for posting this post. I’m leaving a trail of keywords to help others easily find this post (Lion nano terminal jumps)

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  • I have made these setting but still have the problems when editing. It does not matter if I use nano, vim, etc…

  • Niels Postma

    Thanks for posting this. It was really annoying me and even really dangerous when editing crucial files on my server. Works like a charm now 🙂

    Will also have a look at the iTerm2 suggestion. Thanks.

  • Robert Barnett

    Thanks for posting this. Was also driving me mad.

  • Steve Poirier

    I also had to constantly hit control-L in nano to refresh the screen to make sure my cursor was at the correct place.

    This fix didn’t help me, switched to iTerm2 and fixed forever, although my habit of hitting control-L every 2-3 seconds is still there.