As I’ve been busy, I’ve been neglecting my vast audience (Hi, mum). So, here are a few punditry tweets you’ve missed.

So no, you’ve not missed much.

ps. Blame autocorrect for the possessive apostrophe. Oh we’ll.

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I shot the Clerk.

It would appear that I am a misogynist. I know this may come as a surprise to some of you, but it is what it is.

This morning, Louise Mensch, MP for Corby and canny social media user, added some of the horrifying sexist abuse that passes for how to treat a woman on the internet to her favourites list so she could share it with the world. This is the sort of thing that should be done to expose the seedy underbelly of sexist, racist and downright hateful idiots that prove the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory daily. There was just one problem; I was on that list.

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SLA Industries – movie news

I wear many hats, as can possibly be seen by the diversity of posts here, but one of my longest-running involvements has been as a founder and partner of Nightfall Games. After a lot of effort, we have negotiated a movie deal for our Role-Playing Game SLA Industries through Ben Jackendoff with the excellent Romark Entertainment. Yes, that’s why I didn’t get much of a suntan in my trip to LA last year.

SLA Industries, the movie!

Dave Allsop paints SLA Industries

Yes, very exciting.

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Adverts on this site?

Yes, you may have noticed, I’ve put some adverts on 23x.net. I’m not evil, but I have decided to give Amazon and Google a test. I’ll reduce the adverts to just one after I’ve seen which one suits this site better.

Go on, buy a Kindle, make me a quid.

Feel free to ignore this experiment; you probably adblock the junk anyway. At least it’s not like tit-wank.com with NSFW adverts.

How to get US Netflix in the UK

Recently, Netflix arrived in the UK and settled in as the choice for streaming, with a free month’s trial and incredible streaming quality even with unreliable bandwidth, like I have here in rural Scotland. However, one thing was clear and that was that the US has a better selection of documentaries and has TV shows (super high-brow quality, like Hoarders and Deadliest Warrior) that you can’t get over here. So, what was I to do?

Huh, looks like a lot of British TV

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